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Dr. Jennifer Priyadarshini , the best Aesthetic Physician in Hyderabad started Dr. Jens Touch Of Magic which specializes in Skin treatments, Hair treatements and Weightloss . With total 13 years experience in this field. Dr. Jennifer priyadarshini has completed MBBS, FAM( Germany) in Aesthetic Medicine.

Our Treatments


Healthy, beautiful, glowing skin gives confidence as well as a defense against infection and adverse environmental effects. Hence, any skin care or treatment must be more than cosmetics and beauty. We are offering a complete package of skin care and treatments


Hair loss is experienced by many individuals due to various reasons. This hair loss can be frustrating and reduce confidence. We at Dr. Jen's Touch of Magic understand what it takes and offer the best treatments for your hair loss.


Losing weight can be challenging, and some of the strategies are     sometimes insufficient to eliminate stubborn fat from your body. Dr. Jen's use of the latest     technology for skin tightening, body shape, and facial rejuvenation means stubborn fat      deposits and extra inches can now be safely reduced.


Enjoy the best quality, cosmetics made by


Dr. Jen’s offers gentle products, specially formulated by top dermatologists globally, to pamper your skin all the way! Our products can enhance your skin visually! Choose Dr. Jen’s products today to experience world-class care!