Dark lip (Smoking lip) neutralization

Hyperpigmentation and smooking may cause the lips to become darker. Usually harmless, this disorder is brought on by too much melanin. Lip hyperpigmentation can be brought on by a variety of factors, including too much sun exposure, dehydration, smoking, allergies to products like toothpaste and lipstick, excessive coffee intake, and lip sucking.
Almost everyone experiences this condition due to aging and other factors.

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Things to know about this Treatment.

The majority of these factors are treatable with a change in lifestyle, such as using sunscreen, consuming less caffeine, or switching toothpaste brands. However, an healthcare expert can personalise an advice and treatment your situation for fats turn around.

Benefits of Treatment

lighter lip color.
enhanced lip tone that is naturally pink or peach in color.

Why Choosing us

We have the experience and are motivated by outcomes to deliver the finest solution possible for your lips. To provide optimal outcomes in less time, we use the greatest technology and adhere to strict safety regulations.

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